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Ecoclean Technologies spol. s r.o. has 60 employees at the Oslavany location, which is in the South Moravia region. We are a company that deals with industrial cleaning technology within the SBS Ecoclean Group. In addition to production, the company also covers key support functions, along with sales and after-sales service, project management, and development, plus we have a showroom. 

Work-life balance

Flexible, family-friendly

Social offerings

Employee events, staff cafeteria subsidy

Mobility options

Parking and traffic and transportation connection, mobility subsidy

Workplace and contractual standards

Advanced workplace equipment, travel and safety standards

Work from home


Rules on working hours

Rules on working hours


  • Stable, motivated team with longstanding members
  • A friendly, open environment
  • Stable management team
  • Experienced management, trained in communication and feedback


  • Diverse work
  • Opportunities for personal development
  • Good work opportunities for men and women


  • Opportunity to participate in developing new technologies and markets
  • About 800 patents worldwide
  • Focus on continuous improvement in processes and technologies
  • Research and development in collaboration with centers of competence in Monschau and Filderstadt, Germany


  • Focus on safe working environments, regular safety training
  • Development and transfer of know-how
  • Support for personal education and development


  • Streamlined decision-making processes and approvals
  • Flat company hierarchy
  • Process-oriented, customer-centric work